On the afternoon of November 9 (American date), “superior product and helpful friend” 2019 Kuiyi International Inc. China-US strategic conference was held in Los Angeles iDream Space. Su Wangxiulan, mayor of Walnut city, attended the conference and issued her congratulations to Zhang Kui who is the CEO of KuiYi international Inc. In the strategic conference, the future plans of KuiYi International Inc. for Asian snacks products and daily necessities are demonstrated including how to help domestic emerging brands go abroad to expand their international influence and the in-store shops plan as well as the deployment of North America.

Miss Su Wangxiulan mayor of Walnut City attending the conference

“Going out” strategy promoting Chinese brands going abroad

Recently, I had the great opportunity to participate in 2019 Kuiyi International Inc. China-US strategic conferenceand interview the young CEO Mr Zhang Kui of KuiYi internationalInc.For him, after 4 years of accumulation, KuiYi international Inc.has completed the step from 0 to 1 and currently it is on the road from 1 to 100.

KuiYi international Inc. was found by two Chinese students after graduating in Los Angeles in September 2015, and the company focused on the trade between China and other countries and it is promoting actively the globalization of trade. It is a company of strong comprehensive strength which involves in development, production, sales and maintenance. During the process of communicating with Mr Zhang Kui, he mentioned that the beginning of entering the society needs to make full use of autonomous learning ability and gradually explore the ways to success. At the same time, Mr Zhang Kui emphasized that for young people who are doing traditional industry, innovation is fundamental part. KuiYi international Inc. is a young company whose focuses are promoting cultural exchanges between China and the United Statesand developing bilateral trade.

The company’s main business includes: food and daily necessities. It added a positive impetus to the trade cooperation between China and the United States in the form of new retail. In order to promote globalization, KuiYi international Inc. keeps making innovations continuously to promote company’s core competitiveness. It is committed to promote domestic excellent brands “going out”, “bringing in” the products of characteristics from the United States. Since the founding of KuiYi international Inc.,it has constantly kept its concept of “people-oriented, starting from the heart, thinking to make changes and innovations, keeping learning, being part of the world, contributing to charity, and also it is committed to be important bridge between Sino-US trade.

After a year of study and research of product and market, KuiYi international Inc. has conducted a comprehensive investigation and developed a preliminary understanding of the consuming habits of American new immigrants. After its establishment for one year, the company has already achieved the annual sales of $500,000.

In 2017, KuiYi international Inc. focused on the stability of the existing market, and planned for markets which are not covered. Its annual sales improved stably to $4,000,000.

In 2018, the company comes to the fourth year, under the condition of stabilizing the existing business, leaders focus on sales and make clear plans for each target area, the annual sales is expected to reach $8,000,000.

Mr. Zhangkui is Analyzing the Importance of the Internationalization of Brands

Mr Zhang Kui said: nowadays in the new global economy, China’s enterprises is no longer just a “follower” and “participant”, and will gradually become a “leader”. For domestic companies, it is obvious that “One Belt And One Road” policy has opened a huge market, but “going out” and “binging in” is not just a few simple words for fast-moving consumer goods companies because it also means facing the opportunities, challenges and risks.

The ultimate goal of “going out” is to make our national brands achieve the ability to survive in the international markets as well as become more competitive. For the existing food brands of our country, “going out” not only needs solid internal competitiveness, but also needs to change the inherent thoughts to have “international” vision.

Mr Zhang Kui specifically mentioned the examples of two kinds of sauces including Lao Gan Ma and Sriracha Chilli Sauce in the U.S. market. Although Lao Gan Ma has already entered the U.S. market, but its sales channel is still confined to Asian supermarket in America, for which it has not really entered the U.S. market. On the contrary, Sriracha Chilli Sauce has been one important part of the American life since it is not only sold the Asian supermarkets but also appeared in many large mainstream traditional American supermarkets. So, KuiYi international Inc. is aimed to help Chinese national brands go abroad and appear in the international market authentically. So far, KuiYi international Inc. has successfully become the exclusive agency of many domestic brands in North America, such as Bestore, Three Squirrels,Purcotton, Healing Forest and so on. At the same time, Zhang Kui suggests that after the brand choosing KuiYi international Inc. and reached a consensus with this company, they will be fully responsible for the market in the United States. They will serve for the brands professionally in different aspects such as brand promotion, sales, logistics, after-sales service and shape positive brand images for them.

The planning of current markets in North America

KuiYi international Inc.has signed contracts with several large truck transportation logistics companies in the United States (USPTI, GlobalTranz Enterprises, YESING, etc.), for which the business has covered every corner of the United States to ensure the goods can arrive at the clients’ stores safely and quickly.

KuiYi international Inc. currently has dividedmarkets into four categories which are:

  1. Supermarkets around universities and colleges

KuiYi international Inc. will select the large-scale supermarket with large people flow in about 60 universities and colleges (15-minute ride) in 12 states of the United States as its sites. The aim is to expose the suitable products to consumers quickly and extensively.

The supermarkets around universities and colleges are not only the haunt of Chinese students, but also a good place for a Chinese brand to expose itself to local college students. Leisure food is upgraded very quickly, for which the selection of new products and popular products need keen observation. The sales staff of KuiYi international Inc. will check customers regularly to ensure that the product’s rate of being put on shelves and its aesthetic extent on terminal display.

  1. The Asian chain supermarket

Such as Chinese chain supermarkets (99 Ranch Market, Greater China, Good Luck supermarket, etc.), Japanese and South Korean supermarkets (Mitsuwa, H – Mart, etc.)
KuiYi international Inc. will start from the sales of chain supermarket, make corresponding plans according to the position of each store to plan major consumer groups, adjust the product line distribution and sales plan according to research data, in order to meet the different kinds of needs of customers, carry out after-sales service strictly and form a very good long-term cooperative relations with companies.

  1. Online sales

Asian food online shopping channels can be roughly divided into electric business of Asian food, Amazon, Dealmoon (American dual language online shopping website),Chihuosocal and some other network media and We-media, etc.

Asian food electric business platform

KuiYi international Inc. has developed good relationship with electric business platform like Yamibuy, and this kind of electric business is the main channel to the online purchase of Asian products currently.

  1. The mainstream electric business platform
    Amazon and other mainstream electric business platform for Asian products (including food, small appliances, etc.) sales increased year after year. KuiYi international Inc.’s own brand products and agent brand products all have flagship stores on Amazon in the United States in order to make sure the purchase and exposure of products on mainstream platform.
  2. The media and the We-media

KuiYi international Inc. cooperated harmoniously with Dealmoon, Chihuosocal, local Chinese media and We-media, etc.In addition, World Journal and The China Press are developing friendly cooperation with our company. All these have made it more convenient to promote the popularity of its own brand and the agent brands.

  1. Mainstream Stores and Supermarkets

Traditional American Supermarkets (Costco、Walmart、Sam’s Club, etc.)

Building large warehouse in the east of America to meet the supply demand

In the strategy conference, Zhang Kui has also put forward that they will build a 10000 feet warehouse in the Toledo city in Midwest America in the middle of 2019 building, so as to meet the demand of the supply of the eastern United States and make partition of transportation to reduce logistics time and cost.

Mr. Zhang Kui is Introducing the Warehouse in the East of America

Blending in American society by developing In-Store Shops

In the strategy conference, Miss Amy, the manager of EZ INSHOP in particular mentioned their planning of deployment of 2019 in-store shops in the north of American. She said that the current consumption groups of Asian snacks products in the United States market are mainly those people from Asia, the reason is not that local people don’t like the Asian food, but the local people do not understand Asian snacks or it is hard for them to find convenient purchase channels. In current period, milk tea is popular in America and more and more milk tea shops are on the road of popularization, which is a great opportunity for the development of in-store shops. So, in-store shops will cooperate with a variety of national milk tea shops as well import Asian snacks into milk tea shop, in order to make more and more American local people learn about the Asian snacks. Therefore, Asian food can permeate gradually into American society, no longer the only focus of Chinese market.

The manager of EZ INSHOP, Miss Amy is introducing planning of deployment of 2019 in-store shops

Since its establishment, KuiYi international Inc. has kept meeting the demand of Asian immigrants at the same time showing the Chinese domestic local fine cuisine to American people, in order to help domestic emerging brands going abroad, and expand their international influence. Through the global resources and in response to the policy of One Belt One Road, they integrate a large number of American national food distribution networks to supply the unique and delicious Chinese food to every corner of America.

At last, Zhang expressed that KuiYi international Inc. has established a cooperative relationship with several mainstream markets, and it is still looking for more brands and products which are suitable for international consumers, and he hopes to lead more domestic brands step into the public view and sell their products to ordinary people! Promoting the Chinese brand going out needs to combine the core competitive advantages achieve mutual inclusion, go overseas cooperatively. An enterprise’s development of competitiveness, not only need to upgrade products and design, but also need to pay more attention to cultural development and set up a correct global perspective.