Market Distribution

International trade capacity

The team with professional international customs clearance ability set up the branch company, connect with the brand side, audit professionally products and help the brand side develop new products.

The ability of Keen selection of products

The buyer team of the head office of the United States always pays close attention to the latest information in different countries and regularly updates new products every week, and synchro-nizes at home and abroad in the shortest time.

Market control planning ability

The sales team has made a strict division of ages, consumers, spending power and the product line in various regions. The suitable products are selected for different regions and regional channels are strictly controlled to maintain the interests of the brand side.

Independent R & D capability

Our company has the good cooperative relationship with a number of highly qualified factories and holds stocks. They give our company great help in the level of technology and we fully re-search and develop new products of our own brands.

Popularization and advocacy capacity

Kuiyi maintains the close cooperative relationship with the Chinese Student Union of more than thirty universities in the United States— CSA (Chinese Students Association), CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association), and participates and holds various entertainment activities on campus. Campus activities make the products prevail among international students many times. Online and offline purchase channels open up, which provides conveniences for consumers to purchase products.

Participate in and sponsor recreational activities

The popularization of various activities creates direct face-to-face opportunities between products and end-consumers, and further in-depth cooperation with senior entertainment and promotion company and promotional activities are planned to carry out.

Strict division of target areas

Target crowd control

Accurate product line planning

Accurate positioning of sales teams

Close development of online and offline activities

Strict implementation of after-sale services

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